Cultura y lengua

Esta página es para daros información sobre el curso, compartir imágenes, videos, y otros recursos sobre la lengua española y la cultura de España y otros países hispanohablantes.
Este espacio es para complementar la materia de la clase y lo utilizaremos para complementar el estudio y para tener otra forma de participar en el aprendizaje.
Espero que estéis dispuestos a aprender y contribuir vuestros pensamientos y conocimientos.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Wordle: Flipped classroom

A "flipped" classroom is ideal for foreign language classes since class time doesn't need to be used for direct instruction, thus freeing up more time to clarify difficult concepts, speak the language, do partner work, read literature, and have conversations all in the target language. There is more class time for collaboration, critical thinking activities, and cultural exploration. The students participate more and, ultimately, gain more knowledge of the language.

Sunday, June 24, 2012


The study of other cultures is fundamental to the courses I teach. One of the Core Learning Outcomes is that "Students will be able to understand and value cultural differences through the study of Spanish." I integrate culture into all areas of language study, such as when teaching grammar and vocabulary and when doing listening comprehension activities. To see a project I created integrating culture into language study click on the link to the left. Students also complete cultural projects such as posters on Spanish-speaking countries, blogs sharing cultural information, and video projects about cultural aspects of different countries.



I incorporate numerous technologies into my classes to engage, motivate, interact with students and, ultimately, to increase student learning. Some of the technologies I use are: videos and podcasts, glogster for digital posters, voki avatars for speaking activities, digital books, class blogs, twitter, wiki pages, google+, iPads, among others. You can find examples of teacher-created as well as student projects using different technologies on this page.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Descripciones con adjetivos

Uno de los videos que he hecho y utilizo para mejorar la comprensión auditiva, practicar la grámatica y vocabulario y aprender sobre la cultura hispana. Para ver más videos, haz "click" en la página "Video Project" al lado derecho.